Hajj Stampede: Saudi Arabia rejected Iran’s criticism

Responding to the Iran’s stand to take international legal action against Saudi Arabia over the killing of 769 people in a stampede at this year’s Haj, in which 136 Iranians died, Saudi Arabia firmly rejected Iran’s criticism and said that enquiry is going on and if anyone found responsible will be held accountable.

Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that Iran is playing politics over the tragedy which killed many people while performing their most sacred religious duty. He said that Saudi Arabia spends tremendous resources for the care of the pilgrimage to ensure their safety. He added that facts will be revealed after the completion of enquiry and if find anyone responsible will be held accountable.

Assuring that this incident will not repeat, Al-Jubeir said that this is not a situation with which to play politics. While concluding he said that he hope Iranian leaders are more sensible and will wait until the enquiry is completed.

Meanwhile, French President, Francois Hollande told Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that the Haj tragedy should not increase tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran.