Hajj Stampede: First plane carrying Iranian Hajj Martyrs arrived in Tehran

Tehran: Bodies of Iranian Hajj Martyrs arrived in Tehran nine days after the Hajj Stampede. First plane carrying bodies of Iranian Hajj Martyrs arrived in Tehran after the statement by Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Ali Khamenei while delivering speech to Graduating Navy Officers blamed Saudi Official for the delays in the return of Iranian Hajj Martyrs’ bodies. Iran’s Supreme Leader also threatened Saudi Arabia and asked Saudi Officials to return Iranian Hajj Martyrs or else face fierce reaction.

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani and other senior officials received the 104 bodies of the martyrs. According Saudi Officials 769 pilgrims died in the Hajj stampede. Iran constitutes the largest number of pilgrims who died in the stampede, with 464 dead.

Earlier, Iran has blamed Saudi Arabia for mismanagement which caused stamped whereas Saudi Arabia claims that it is due to Iranian pilgrims who did not following the rules caused the stampede.