Hajj Stampede: Bodies of the martyrs to be buried in Makkah

Makkah: Bodies of the martyrs of the Hajj Stampede to be buried in Makkah. Secretariat’s Director of Media, Osama Zaytoun said that the Makkah Secretariat is preparing 74,700 graves in six different graveyards where the bodies of martyrs will be buried.

Six graveyards include Maalaa Cemetery, Al-Adl cemetery, Al-Sharea cemetery, Al-Haram Martyr’s cemetery. Two graveyards at Holy Site are Al-Rabway Cemetery and Arafat Cemetery.

However, Zaytoun said that bodies and all relevant assistance will be provided to the family of the martyr if they wish to bury in their homeland. He added that the concerned authorities will finalize the burial procedures for the martyrs upon the approval of their family members.