Hajj Pilgrims must deposit complete amount CEO, Hajj committee

Dr. Syed Shakir Husain, CEO of Central Hajj Committee clarified that all the Hajj pilgrims have to deposit the entire amount of their travel expenses including the accommodation charges.

Since complaints were received in the allotment of accommodation in Nizam Rubath of Makkah, Mr. Hussain Shareef of the custodian of Nizam Rubath completed the process of allotment of accommodation by following online system of registration and draw.

Since Nizam’s committee of Religious Affairs didn’t approve of this system, eventhough, Mr. Husain had reserved 10% accommodation for Sahibzadas and Sarf-e-Khaas employees.

The CEO of Central Hajj Committee told that if the Hajj pilgrims are provided accommodation in Nizam Rubath in Makkah, they will get back the money deposited by them for accommodation.

-Siasat News