Hajj pilgrimage: Saudi cabinet reviews preparations

Riyadh: Saudi cabinet on Tuesday reviewed preparations for the annual Hajj pilgrimage. In the meeting, members highlighted the appreciations that Saudi Arabia received over the decision to hold the pilgrimage for limited persons.

This year, due to coronavirus pandemic, the country has banned international pilgrims from performing the Hajj pilgrimage. Only limited persons currently residing in the kingdom may take part.

Precautionary measures during Hajj pilgrimage

This decision was taken to ensure physical distancing which is mandatory to control the spread of coronavirus that has claimed the lives of lakhs of people worldwide.

Earlier, there were speculations that Hajj might be cancelled altogether.

Usually, two million people visit Makkah and Medina for the annual pilgrimage.

Coronavirus case in Saudi Arabia

Apart from preparations for annual Hajj pilgrimage, other issues were discussed during the cabinet meeting. The country also reiterated its support to Egypt and Sudan in their struggle for water security.

Meanwhile, the total number of coronavirus cases in the country crossed 1.9 lakh. The kingdom also reported 1649 deaths so far.