Hajj 2021: Here are more details on COVID-19 restrictions, financial package

Riyadh: Like last year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued the COVID-19 restrictions, financial packages and other decisions for the Hajj 2021.

Earlier on June 12, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced the exclusivity to Hajj pilgrimage 2021 for the citizens and the residents of the Kingdom for the second time in a row.

Only 60,000 Hujjaj will be scheduled to perform Hajj this year which includes residents of all nationalities and citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah also said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is honored to host pilgrims every year, that this arrangement came out of its constant concern for the health, safety and security of pilgrims as well as the safety of their countries.

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s website, people will be bussed to the holy sites and there will be a maximum of twenty pilgrims per vehicle.

Saudi ministry launches three packages for Hajj 2021:

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has offered three packages for the Hajj season this year 1442 AH, for domestic pilgrims, both citizens and residents, within the framework of exceptional circumstances and the approval of the health and regulatory authorities for a set of controls, requirements and protocols.

The Ministry has approved the following packages:

The first package is distinguished hospitality, ‘Abraaj’, and its price is 16,560 thousand riyals, excluding value-added tax.

While the second package is distinguished hospitality ‘camps’ and its price is 14,3 thousand riyals, excluding value-added tax.

As for the third package, the ‘camps’ hospitality package is priced at 12,113 thousand riyals, excluding value added tax.

Applications will pass through five stages. This information for prospective pilgrims includes reviewing and validating health information and providing personal details based on their official papers. Then, the system will verify the applicant’s eligibility for Hajj based on the data provided by the National Information Center.

Once an application is accepted, the applicant will be given a registration number for further inquiries. After ensuring an applicant’s COVID-19 status — fully immune, immune by the first dose, or immune after recovery — a text message with the payment details will be sent out.

Limitations and requirements for Hajj 2021:

  • Only 60,000 Hujjaj will be scheduled to perform Hajj this year which includesresidents of all nationalities and citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The health condition of those wishing to perform the Hajj rituals for the year 1442 must be free of chronic diseases.
  • Performing the Hajj rites for this year 1442 will be limited to age groups from 18 to 65 years who have received the vaccine, according to the controls and mechanisms followed in the Kingdom for immunization categories (immunized, or vaccinated who completed one dose and spent 14 days, or vaccinated recovering from infection).
  • Those performing Hajj must not have been in hospital for any illness within the past six months prior to travelling for Hajj. (proof Is required)
  • The process of verifying access to vaccines is Electronic. All operations will be electronic to prevent any fraud-related operations.
  • The Kingdom has adopted the four vaccines for Hajj 1422 pilgrims because they have proven their effectiveness, and that is because they are subject to research and studies, and if any vaccine is approved later, it will be applied to pilgrims and citizens.
  • Registration will be made available on the electronic platforms for pilgrims in two stages so that there is no great pressure on the registration process.

The Hajj portal will open from June 13 (3 Dul Qadah 1442 H) at 1 pm for citizens and residents inside the Kingdom till June 13 (13 Dul Qadah 1442 H at 10 pm.

Priority will be given to registration for Hajj this year for those who did not perform Hajj previously or during the past five years.

Those who have immune status on Tawakalna application can apply.

Selecting and buying packages will start on from June 25 (15 Dul Qadah 1442 H at 1 pm.

Saudi Arabia announced to digitize the Hajj 2021:

The Saudi authorities have decided to further digitize the Hajj this time as part of the COVID defense measures. The project aims to minimize direct contact between the pilgrims and them on matters related to Hajj through the good use of technology.

Robots will be used with the help of artificial intelligence to give instructions to the pilgrims and recite the Qur’an. Pilgrims travel will also be controlled by computer. Authorities said the technology would help control the movement of each pilgrim, including a quick walk around the Ka’bah (Tawaf), a quick walk between Safa and Marwa, and a stop at Arafa.

The general presidency for affairs of Two Holy Mosques, Abdul Rahman Al Sudais on Sunday has launched a smart robot to distribute Zamzam water bottles without contact as part of an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus.

“The smart robot distributes Zamzam water through hygienic means that avoids touching,” Al-Sudais said.

Earlier this, 10 smart robots were launched to support sterilization efforts in the Grand Mosque.

One dose of COVID-19 is a must for Hajj pilgrims: Minister

Saudi ministry of health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah stressed that vaccination, even with one dose, is a requirement for performing this year’s Hajj.

Al-Rabiah, while attending the periodic briefing of the government communication on June 12, confirmed that the electronic system in the Kingdom accurately records all vaccinators without the possibility of forging certificates.

Three hospitals and five pop-up health centers will be designated for Hajj pilgrims, in addition to increasing the maximum capacity in surrounding health centres and the Al-Haram Emergency Hospital.

Ministry explained that the priority of Hajj this year is for those who have not previously performed Hajj within the specified conditions.

Women can register for Hajj without male guardian:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ministry of Hajj  announced on Sunday that women can now register for the annual Hajj pilgrimage without a male guardian.

“Those wishing to perform Hajj will have to register individually. Women can register without a mahram (male guardian) along with other women,” the ministry said.