Hajj 2018 pilgrims will have to shell out another Rs 5600

Mumbai: It has been agreed upon to collect Rs. 5600 from the pilgrims to make up the Rs 73 Cr loss suffered by the Hajj Committee of India. It was decided in the meeting of Hajj Committee of India, that the 147 Riyal which comes to nearly Rs 2500 collected for camps planning in Mina will not be returned to the pilgrims. Apart from that pilgrims will have to pay an additional Rs. 3000. Sending letters to the pilgrims they will be requested to deposit the remaining amount in the account of Hajj Committee of India.

As the rupee slides further against the dollar in world trade, the Hajj Committee suffered the loss of Rs. 73 Cr. When the pilgrims had deposited Rs 81000 in advance, the rupee was trading at 65 to a dollar, now it is at 72.49 to a dollar.