Hajis laud arrangements at Hyderabadi Rubat

For the first time free boarding and accommodation were arranged for pilgrims during Hajj 2015 in Hyderabadi Rubat in Makkah Mukarrama. This was the first occasion, since the inception of Nizam Rubat, that Rubat Care taker had arranged accommodation of 588 pilgrims by taking two more buildings on rent besides the existing building. The existing building has the capacity of only 258 pilgrims.

However with the efforts of Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali and Siasat Editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan, Rubat Caretaker Mr. Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef agreed to arrange food and accommodation of 600 pilgrims. He took on rent two more buildings besides the existing one.

Pilgrims who stayed at Rubat buildings praised the arrangements made by the caretaker and told that Rubat caretaker Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef personally monitored all the arrangements and ensured supply of standard food thrice a day beside tea, juices and mineral water.

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