Hajipur case: Man gets death for killing 3 minor girls

Hyderabad: A fast-track court Judge S.V.V Nath Reddy on Thursday convicted Marri Srinivas Reddy, the accused in the sensational Hajipur serial killing of three minor girls, to death for the rape and murder of three minor girls took place in Hajipur.

The ADJ court in Nalgonda district held accused Marri Srinivas Reddy guilty of kidnapping and killing the three minor girls.

The suspect was arrested in April last year for sexual assault and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Hajipur. Her body was found in the accused agricultural well. During the investigation, police found skeletons of two more victims.

It may be mentioned that the court has pronounced the judgement after continuous and prolonged trial of hearing of 101 witnessed for 42 days.

The sensational rape and murder case of Hajipur in which girls ageing 11 years, 17 years and 14 years were ravished and brutally murdered by the accused. To conceal the evidence he earthed the bodies into his own dried up agriculture wells, said, Rachakonda police official.

The accused has started kidnapping and killing the girls from April 2015. He use to follow the minor girls and demand to fulfil his sexual desire when they disagree he use to sexually assault them and kill the girls.

On 7 March 2019, the accused has given a lift to another girl ageing 17 years on his bike while she was walking alone from Hajipur to Bommalaramaram, but the suspect forcefully took the girl near his agricultural well adjacent to Hajipur road and again demanded to fulfil his desire when the girl refused he sexually assaulted her. Later, when the girl went unconscious he threw her into his dried-up well.

Then he got down into well and again committed rape on her while she was in her last breath or even dead. He buried her in the well.

On 25 April 2019, the accused used same plan by giving a lift to another girl, aged 14 years while she was waiting at Bommalaramam to go back to her village and took her to his agricultural well attempted to sexual assault on her. When she raised hue and cry, the accused used his technique of pressing mouth and nose causing unconscious.

The accused lifted the girl with his hand and dumped into dried up agricultural well Tette Bavi belonging to him. Later the accused got down into well and committed rape on her. He strangulated her to death. The accused buried her in the same well.

According to police, he was already involved in similar rape and murder cases in Kurnool town. On Thursday the fast-track court of Nalgonda pronounced its verdict convicting the accused Marri Srinivas Reddy sentenced to death and to pay a fine of Rs. 2,000and in default to suffer simple imprisonment for three months for the charge under Section 302 IPC.

The Judge S.V.V Nath Reddy pronounced in his judgement, “The accused shall be hanged till death.”

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