Haji Mastan’s son warns Rajinikanth, asks not to depict Mastan as ‘smuggler’ and ‘underworld don’

Chennai: Haji Mastan Mirza’s son warned actor Rajinikanth amid speculations that the next movie of the actor is based on the life of Haji Mastan, a Tamil Muslim who later migrated to Mumbai.

Warning letter from Sundar Shaekhar, who claims to be Haji Mastan’s adopted son has asked actor not to depict Haji Mastan as a ‘smuggler’ and an ‘underworld don’ in the movie. He further said that such attempt would invite legal action.

According to news published in DC, Sunder said that depicting Mastan Mirza as ‘smuggler’ and ‘underworld don’ is unacceptable as he was never convicted in any court for such activities.

He also showed interest in discussing the life of Haji Mastan with him.