Haj committee is creating confusion for Indian hajis

Deoband, September 01: Because of the everyday day change in the policy of Haj Committee of India the Haj aspirants are facing a lot of problems.

The everyday changing policies are creating confusion among the Haj aspirants. These were the expression of Maulana Haseeb Siddiqui, chairman of All India Muslim Economic Council.

He said that the change in rules by Haj Committee creates more problems than the easiness for the Hajis. Like earlier this year too The Haj aspirants are facing many problems due the many changes and some confusing rules of Haj Committee of India.

This year the main problem is the compulsory of passport and about that everybody knows that it is a very tough task to make passport in India. The Haj committee said that passports should reach the central office by 31st August at any cost but most of the Haj aspirants even don’t have this passport.

Some sources says that passport is not mandatory. Maulana Haseeb said that there was news in some newspapers with Kaptur dateline with the heading one more chance for those who were not selected in the draw. This type of information should be published in all the newspapers and should be published as advertisements.

Maulana Haseeb said that few Haj aspirants think that they can also submit the amount at airport like earlier. This is the reason that many Haj aspirants have not sent their money to Haj Committee of India despite their name in draw.

Maulana said that this is not good to include the name of those Haj aspirants who has submitted only 200 rupees. Now when many people who could not manage to collect money now are not interested to go for Haj. Qari Syed Fakhruddin of Darul Uloom Deoband said that I am selected in the draw but don’t received the international passport till now. I am confused that whether I will go for Haj or not.