Haj 2017: Telangana and A.P. Haj Committees finalize agreements

Hyderabad: In connection with the arrangements for the Haj season of 2017, Haj Committees of Telangana State and A.P. have finalized agreements. This year, the Haj pilgrims of A.P. will fly from Hyderabad airport. Since the responsibility of embarkation point rests with Telangana Haj Committee, A.P. Haj Committee attended the meeting to finalize the arrangements.

MLC of A.P. Legislative Council, Mr. Ahmed Shareef, Executive Officer of A.P. Haj Committee, Mr. Liyaquat Ali and members of A.P. Haj committee met Special Officer of Telangana Haj Committee, Prof. S.A. Shukoor.

It may be mentioned that Central Haj Committee expressed its inability to get Gannavaram Airport as the embarkation point. It was therefore, decided that the Haj pilgrims of both the States would fly from Hyderabad Airport. Haj Committee of both the States agreed to allocate budget proportionate to the number of their Haj pilgrims. A.P. Haj Committee won’t provide accommodation to its Haj pilgrims in Haj House, Hyderabad. They would be accommodated in the nearby hotels at Nampally. Arrangements would be made for accommodating 2700 Haj pilgrims of A.P. These Haj pilgrims would report to Haj House for the completion of necessary formalities.

Prof. Shukoor told that all the arrangements would be made by Telangana Haj Committee which includes passport, ticket, bracelet, currency exchange, customs and luggage. After passing through these stages, these Haj pilgrims would proceed to Hyderabad airport through buses. He further told that there would be 14 air flights in 10 days from 13th to 22nd August. For the first 6 days, flights would be arranged for Telangana Haj pilgrims. In the remaining 4 days, the Haj pilgrims of A.P. would fly. Prof. Shukoor also told that the expenses would be shared by both the Haj committees proportionate to the number of their Haj pilgrims.

This is the first time that A.P. Haj Committee has made arrangements for accommodating their Haj pilgrims in nearby hotels for which Govt. of A.P. allocated Rs. 20 crore whereas the budget of Telangana State Haj Committee is only Rs. 3 crore.

–Siasat News