Hairstyles to rock this monsoon

New Delhi: Don’t let monsoon mess with your hairstyle. Try different styles which don’t require any hair care or styling products, says an expert.

Here are some low maintenance hairstyles by K.Veena, founder of Indian beauty salon chain Naturals:

* Ponytails are forever favourites. Just comb your hair back and get freedom from the messed up look. Mix things up and opt side ponytails, or even the infamous pigtails.

* The half-up half-down hair style loosely clips your hair up, and lets the rest flow down. This minimises the amount of hair that you need to handle while outside.

* Braids are favourable for this season, whether it’s a fishtail, French braid, or the regular braid, plaits allow your hair to escape the sweaty mess during monsoon season.

* A pixie cut or even a bob cut is a must try this season. Not only are they super short, but are perfectly manageable.

* Long sweeping fringe is catching up. This extremely stylish haircut gives a cool and fresh look to the face. Depending on the face shape one can keep the fringe short or end it just above the eye-brows. One also has the option to keep it on one side or let it fall straight.

* Those men with trouble in managing wavy hair, a layer haircut is ideal. A ruffled mid length layer cut. Soft layers frame the contours of the face and at the same time do not subtract from a masculine appearance.