Your hair colour can affect how opposite sex views you

London: A recent research has found that men find blondes to be more youthful and attractive in comparison to women with darker hair.

According to a recent study, the team has discovered that hair colour can influence the way in which you are regarded by the opposite sex in terms of attractiveness, youth and overall health, reported the Independent.

The study had 110 male participants who were presented with computer-generated images of women with either blonde, brunette or black hair.

The findings showed that the majority of the men would generally associate the women with lighter hair as being more youthful and attractive in comparison to the women with darker hair.

Meanwhile, the women with lighter blonde or brunette hair were considered to have a greater potential as a romantic partner and a parent than those with black locks.

The study concludes by saying, “These results suggest that males are able to make complex judgements about women concerning their desirable relationship and parenting potential based on discernable characteristics such as hair colour and length.”(ANI)