Hafiz Saeed’s attempt to gain sympathy from Kashmiris nothing but ‘propaganda’: Defence experts

After a video emerged showing Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Saeed claiming that he contacted slain militant Burhan Wani and Asiya Andrabi to help and resolve the Kashmir crisis, defence experts on Friday said that the claim was nothing but propaganda to gain sympathy from the Kashmiris. Defence expert Major General, S.R. Sinho opined that Saeed’s statement was to gain support from Mujahideen outfits in the valley. “Hafiz Saeed’s statements with regard to Asiya Andrabi and Burhan Wani are nothing but a propaganda stunts to show that he supports Mujahideen outfits in Kashmir,” Sinho told ANI. Echoing similar sentiments another defence expert P.K. Sehgal said the video was aimed to gain traction from Pakistan and also to show that he supports the cause of Kashmiri people.

“This video is programmed to win sympathy within Pakistan and also gain significance and increase his own stature vis-à-vis the civilian politicians,” he said. “He wants to gain the utmost sympathy of the valley, particularly Srinagar,” he added. Earlier today, a video emerged showing Hafiz Saeed addressing a rally in Islamabad wherein he said, “The way Indian security forces are engaged in bloodshed in Kashmir; my sister Asiya Andrabi cried for 15 minutes and told me over phone that my brothers where are you?”. He also said that Wani called him as it was his last wish to talk to him.

The Jamaat-ud-Dawah leader organised a “Kashmir Caravan” from Lahore to Islamabad. The caravan, comprising of trucks and buses, stretched for several kilometers, and passed through many cities, including Gujaranwala, Jhelum and Gujarat. His rallies were attended by federal ministers and religious leaders of various organisations.