Hadiya seeks compensation for lost years from government

Kozhikode: Hadiya has sought a compensation from the state government for her lost two years when the high court had nullified her marriage and put her in the custody of her parents. Hadiya, former ‘Akhila’ had married a Muslim youth, Shefin Jahan, that had triggered a controversy when Hadiya’ father reached Kerala High court and alleged Jahan’s connections with terrorism.

“There were some reports in the media that I demanded compensation from my parents. That is absolutely wrong. I sought compensation from the state government,” she told a news conference on Monday.

“My legal struggle lasted roughly for two years and the six months I spent with my parents were horrible. I was literally under house arrest. I lost two precious years of my life. I don’t think my parents would want to harm me but they were under the influence of some anti-national forces,” Hadiya said without elaborating which forces she was referring to. “They are using them (parents) for political benefits,” she added.

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Hadiya said that people who met her when she was with her parents, would try to convert her to Sanatana Dharma. “The police who were deployed at the house were subservient to the visitors. They didn’t take my complaints seriously,” she said. “Even psychiatrists have come to my house. Some of the visitors had told me that they came with the consent of judges,” she said.

When asked whether her mother had tried to poison her, as claimed in the affidavit filed in the SC, Hadiya answered that she meant all that she had mentioned in the affidavit.