Hacking into WhatsApp, iMessage can make you a millionaire, here’s how

Ever thought that hacking into someone’s WhatsApp or iMessage data could make you a millionaire? Yes, there is a company out there called Zerodium which is ready to shell out a huge amount of money for hacking into someone’s Whatsapp and iMessage.

Zerodium, a company known for buying and selling hacking tools and exploits to governments. The company have announced that they are looking for people who can send them hacks and exploits done remotely, and are ready to pay u to $1 million.

Zerodium is an American information security company founded in 2015 based in Washington DC, Its main business is acquiring premium zero-day vulnerabilities with functional exploits from security researchers and companies, and reporting the research, along with protective measures and security recommendations, to its corporate and government clients.

According to the report published in the Motherboard, it said it will now pay security researchers $1,000,000 for exploits in WhatsApp, iMessage, and SMS/MMS apps for all mobile operating systems.

Zerodium’s founder Chaouki Bekrar in an online chat told Motherboard that “Messaging apps in general and WhatsApp, in particular, are sometimes the only communication channel used by targets and end-to-end encryption makes it difficult for our government customers to intercept such communications. So having the ability to remotely compromise these apps directly without compromising the whole phone is much more strategic and effective.”