H1B Visa is not a serious problem: American Baazar US – India Tech Forum

Hyderabad: Speakers while addressing American Baazar US – India Tech Forum expressed the view that H1B Visa is not a very serious problem as it is being projected. There would be some changes and adjustments in the system. The speakers told that President Trump has not changed the rules. The message is being sent that there is no dearth of jobs. In fact, it is a very good time for IT professionals. However, it is the issue of the sovereignty of a country. It is similar to the problems of illegal immigrants which India is facing. IT companies are concentrating on the improvement of emerging skills instead of recruiting personnel for entry level jobs. The Techies can exploit this situation for their development. IT and Academics can work together to develop job oriented courses such as IOT Clouding, Robotics etc.

The speakers expressed the view that whatever declarations Trump made, have not been passed in the form of bills. In the proposals, it has not been said that H1B Visa would be discontinued but it was mentioned that in jobs, Americans would get first preference which is not a new issues. It has been there for a long time.

Mr. Ravi, founder CEO of International Solutions Group, Hamdon told that Indian companies have concentrated only on menial jobs but now there are ample opportunities for Cyber Security Clouds etc. By using Technology, there are chances of becoming world leaders. In this context, he quoted the example of North Korea.

Mr. N. Ankani, President Minister (Consular) of Indian Embassy at Washington DC in his address, told that H1B visa is an issue of sovereignty of a country and every country has the right to formulate regulations and to implement them. It is being said by the experts of the Industry that Indian companies have an apprehension of incurring losses in the American markets unless they make changes in their business model.

Mr. Asif Ismail, publisher, the American Baazar, US India Tech Forum told that this colloquium has been organized to facilitate many Indians who have entered America through H1B visa.

–Siasat News