H1B Visa: Good news for Master’s degree holders

Hyderabad: The new H1B Visa regulation may benefit students who have completed a Master’s degree from non-profit universities in the USA.

According to the report published in Telangana Today, US Government issues 85000 H1B visas annually and the new regulation may not only benefit master’s degree holders but also candidates who have higher degrees.

Out of 85000 visas, USA issues 65000 visas under regular cap whereas 20000 for the master’s or higher degree holders.

At present, under the master cap, master’s or higher degree holders are given first preference. If they failed to get a visa under this cap, they will be moved to the regular cap.

After the implementation of the new regulation, the process will be revered. First, all applicants including master’s and higher degree holders will take part in the lottery system for the regular cap. If they fail to get a visa under the regular cap, they will get a second chance under Master Cap.

It may be mentioned that the US Government is receiving applications more than the slot available for a year. To address rising applications, the lottery system is adopted.