Gynecologists showcase culinary talent to create awareness on infertility

Noida: In our fast paced life, many married couples in the urban space are faced with infertility. To create health awareness among people, NCR-based gynecologists came together under one roof to participate in a unique ‘Master Chef Competition’ here on Saturday on the eve of Mother’s Day.

The gynecologists not only highlighted the factors leading to infertility and ways to prevent it but also showcased their hidden culinary talents.

The event saw the particpation of more than 100 gynecologists who dished out interesting recipes like fritatta, fruit compote, boost akhroti kheer for IUGR, ovum booster mango magic salad and many other scrumptious dishes enriched with high-protein value.”

“In our study, we found that almost 50 per cent of mothers to be have nutritional deficiencies of Vitamins like B12 or proteins and over 80 percent deficiency in Vitamin D3. We have assembled here to come up with recipes which are good in taste as well as have nutritious val”e,” said Shivani Sachdev Gour, Organising Secretary of Mid Term UP Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2017.

“Our lifestyle is largely to be blamed for low infertility rates. One should immediately stop having fast food and incorporate fresh vegetables and fruits as much as possib”e,” Himanshu Shekhar, Medical Director, SCI International Hospital, told IANS.

Deepa Zubair from Alshifa Multispeciality Hospital, who prepared ‘boost akhroti kheer for IUGR’, a dish that helps babies grow properly in womb sai”: “People don’t put much effort to keep themselves physically active and hence many complications arise during pregnancy. Engaging in activities along with proper diet is very much importa”t.”

Another reason for complications is stress, which Anshu Jindal said is out turning out to be a major issue.

“Women are more career-oriented (these days) and they take too much of stress. Often they tend to prefer having babies post-30, which often creates troub”e.” Jindal added.

Organised by UPCOG and Delhi ISAR, the event was held at the Ancient Barbeque restaurant which was judged by The Ancient Barbeque Director and Chef Ashish Massey along with Siddharth Talwar from Master Chef Season Five.