Gyms in Hyderabad witness fewer footfalls

Hyderabad: With Unlock 3.0 guidelines in place, gymnasiums, yoga and other fitness institutes in Hyderabad have been re-open from August 5, albeit with some caution. Although the guidelines mainly call for social distancing and sanitisation. Since yesterday few gyms were seen open but other gym owners decided to reopen after ensuring fully sanitised equipment and other safety measures. 

The fitness industry was one of the hardest hit by COVID-19 and Unlock 3.0 guidelines have brought a much-needed respite for thousands of people whose livelihood depend on gyms and fitness centres. 

The Hyderabad Gym Owners Association said that it will take more time for people to understand that they are visiting a gym which will not cause them COVID-19.

The Secretary of the Hyderabad Gym Owners Association, said “During the four-month closure, 30-40 gyms in Hyderabad alone had shut down.”

Many of them couldn’t afford the rent of Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh and had to shut down. Others are still struggling to support themselves. The government should’ve allowed opening up of the gyms earlier, said Mohammed Sohail, a gym owner from King Koti.

Speaking about the safety precautions at the gyms, G. Naresh, a gym trainer said, before entering the gym one should check go under body temperature check, then completely sanitise themselves. Gym management is also providing hand gloves which has to be used only for one time. Adhering to physical distancing is a serious concern and only 20 people are being allowed into the gym. 

Wearing a proper face mask has been mandatory. Also people visiting gyms have been asked to bring their own water bottles and too keep the gym premises safe from virus.

The gym management sanitises the gym after each session