Gwyneth Paltrow’s fame came ‘fast’, says mother Blythe Danner

Los Angeles: Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow’s actress mother Blythe Danner feels her girl received the share of fame and celebrity status quite fast in her career.

Danner, 72, says even though they belong to a family of celebrities, she never expected Paltrow to be so famous, reported People magazine.

“It was just so darn fast, but she came into the world like that like this meteor. I think it’s worrisome when fame happens to your child so early. Bruce and I, having had careers more modest, never had that kind of scrutiny Gwyneth had, and we never had that kind of pressure.

“You hope they’ll handle it, and I think Gwyneth handled it quite well, considering all the stuff we have to deal with now the press and the things that aren’t always wonderful,” she said.

The mother also expressed her desire to see Paltrow more frequently on screen. “She’s a brilliant actress, and my hope is that as her children get older, she’ll be going back to acting more fully.”