Guru Gobind Singhji Birthday Fete Concludes

Hyderabad: The 352nd Prakash Purab (Birthday Celebrations) of Tenth and Last Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singhji, founder of Khalsa Panth and who protected the nation from invaders, concluded on Sunday with thousands of Sikh Devotees and other community faiths celebrating it with religious fervour, gaiety and devotion by offering prayers to Guru Granth Sahibji.

The major attraction of the concluding vent was organised under the aegis of Prabhandak Committee, Central Gurudwara Saheb Gowliguda where over 20,000 Sikh devotees and other community faith participated in the “Vishal Deewan” (Mass Congregation) by offering prayers to Sri Guru Granth Sahibji (Holy Scripture of Sikhs) at HMDA Grounds, near NTR Gardens. The congregation began this morning and continued up to evening and was marked by the recitations of Gurubani Keertans and Kathas (Holy Hymns) by the renowned and reputed Ragi Jathas (Sikh Preachers).
Well Known Ragi Jathas, Bhai Onkar Singhji (Una Sahib, Punjab), Bhai Ravinder Singhji (Delhi), Bhai Hari Singhji, Gyani Harnik Singh Bhai Jagbeer Singhji and other reputed Ragi Jathas who were specially invited from various parts of the country for the important occasion recited Gurbani Keertans (Holy Hymns) and delivered Gurbani Vichar (Sermons) that stressed on imbibing the higher values of life and communal harmony for which Guru Gobind Singhji strived.

They also have thrown light on the teachings of Sikh Gurus who stood for national integration, peace, brotherhood and communal harmony. They asked devotees to follow the teachings of Guru Gobind Singhji which are very relevant these days. After the culmination of the congregation, the traditional Guru Ka Langar (free community kitchen) was served to all the devotees where devotees sit in the same row with great discipline promoting the feelings of togetherness, fraternity and concern for fellow human beings.
Prabhandak Committee President S. Inder Singh, President and S Joginder Singh, General Secretary welcomed the devotees at the mass congregation.