Gurgaon: ‘you will start a riot’, said police to Muslims offering namaz

Gurgaon: Row over namaz continues to haunt Muslims in Gurgaon. Police whisked away an Imam leading the Friday prayer in Basai village once the Namaz got over.

Imam, Abdul Wajid told that they had taken permission from the police earlier for offering prayer at the vacant plot. He also said that they had already moved to another empty plot after taking permission from the owner of the said plot.

According to the Imam, the police rebuked them for praying there and said we had not taken permission. They said you will start a riot by doing such things. The police put him in their van and took him to the police station.

Subhash Boken, PRO of Gurgaon Police said “The district administration allotted a list of places for reading prayers after the practice caused conflict earlier this year… But this spot was not on the list.