Gurgaon: Twin sisters suffocate to death inside car

Gurgaon: 5-year-old twin girls died after they accidentally got locked inside a car on Tuesday at around 4 pm. Their family found them unconscious at 7:30 pm and rushed them to a hospital, where they were declared brought dead.

After their autopsy, it was found that Harsh and Harshita were died due to suffocation. The girls went out to see puppies underneath the vehicle, the police told HT.

“The door handle from inside the car was not functioning properly, as a result, the girls were not able to come out of it,” said investigating officer Mahesh Kumar, a sub-inspector at the Bilaspur police station.

The girls were visiting their grandparents at Jamalpur village, and could not be spotted easily due to dark in the evening.

In a similar accident in September 2015, two sister in Kadarpur area in Gurgaon while playing hide-and-seek got locked inside a car. Whereas, a six-year-old boy died inside a car parked outside his home in North Delhi’s Rani Bagh on June 6, recently.

Police have filed a case under Section 174 of CRPC. A Hyundai Elantra was parked outside the home and was not locked, said the police.