Gurgaon: Right-wing disrupts Friday prayers again; 30 detained

The Hindu right-wing protestors yet again disrupted the Friday prayers in Gurgaon. The protestors shouted slogans against the prayers, holding placards that said “Gurgaon administration, wake up from your sleep.”

Police personnel were deployed in Sector 12-A to ensure peace in the area. According to media reports, around 30 protestors were detained for trying to disrupt the prayers.

“People have offered namaz in 37 designated places (and) full protection will be given to people who are offering namaz. Everything is peaceful here. We have detained people who were here to disrupt namaz. We tried to negotiate with them over the last few weeks (but) have taken swift action today,” Gurgaon SDM Anita Chaudhary was quoted by NDTV.

Clips from today’s congregational prayers show a number of people including women being led away by the police for attempting to disrupt the weekly prayer.

The Hindu right-wing groups have been opposing Muslims offering Friday prayers for the past several weeks and have been disrupting the same. Last week, Muslims offering prayers on a private property had to deal with a crowd chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’, disrupting prayers and peace.

Although Muslims have been offering prayers on government-owned land, designated for the same purpose, a number of disputes have arisen over where Muslims can offer prayers.