Gurgaon: Muslim delegations meet Police Commissioner to open seal of masjid

Gurgaon: As per the promise made by the district administration, the door of the Gurugram masjid located at Sheetla colony should have been opened for prayers. However, devotees were denied access to the masjid. Local authorities conducted meeting twice with police commissioner Gurgaon D Suresh. The first meeting was held with a delegation led by Mufti Mohammed Banarasi.

Commissioner D Shuresh told that the district administration retracted from its promise to open seal as the matter was moved to court. He told that the Sheetla colony is illegal.

Masjid Mutawalli Haji Aleem told that if the masjid seal is not being opened because the colony is inhabited illegally then there is also a church and a temple also; why is taken only against masjid and not against them.

Muslim Ekta Manch chief Haji Shahzad told that as soon as the news of seal being open spread, miscreants began raising Jai Sri Ram slogans. It seems that the district administration is working under the pressure of majority community, he said.