Gurgaon Joint CP accuses Police Commissioner of harassment and defamation over rape case probe Part 1

Gurgaon Joint Commissioner (traffic) Bharti Arora on Tuesday accused Police Commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk of harassing and mental torturing her over a rape case enquiry. A rape case was registered against Ajay Bhardwaj in July 2014 and the rape victim had asked the police to arrest his whole family. The court had dismissed her demands saying that his family has no role to play in this.

The case was then given to Arora for supervision, who claimed that this is a fake case as it doesn’t even come under the definition of rape because the victim has been staying with Bhardwaj for 7 years and have two children with him. Bharti said that she was threatened and asked to leave the case. She added that Virk even tried to malign her reputation and demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter.