Gurgaon faces water shortage

Gurgaon: The residents of Gurgaon have been facing a water crisis for last few days, first due to the Jat stir for quotas and now due to the cleaning of the supply canal, an official said.

HUDA authorities have informed that due to 60 percent shortage of canal water, this problem might remain for two days more because irrigation department is cleaning the canal at Rohad village in district Jhajjar, 30km away from here and at Matan village of Jhajjar, 38km away.

The irrigation department has deployed two machines for this purpose but they can clear only 1km per day (50m per hour per machine) whereas the canal is to be cleared at least 10km (between 30-40km stretch) and therefore the district administration has appealed the people to make judicious use of water and not to waste it.

Gurgaon is receiving 35 cs discharge in Gurgaon Water Canal (GWC) against 100 cs, or approximately 35 percent and approximate 18-20 cs in NCR Channel against 30 cs or about 55 percent since February 26 evening, resulting into water shortage in Gurgaon town.

Authorities said that FIRs will be filed against anyone found washing cars and watering gardens.

“Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), responsible for providing water in sectors and colonies, is working hard to restore water supply. At Chandu Budhera water treatment plant, raw water has increased to about 40 cs from Ncr channel,” an official spokesperson said.

As per HUDA Authorities, the problem of GWC is being tackled by the irrigation department.

As per Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) authorities, Gurgaon received 40-45 percent water during night which was supplied in the morning covering 60-65 percent of the area and tankers have been pressed into service for the remaining part.