Gupta and Sattar, epitome of communal harmony in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Even as instances of communal violence crop up from time to time, a Hindu and a Muslim man jointly running a shop in Ahmedabad proves that the spirit of inter-faith harmony remains alive.

Radheshyam Lajjaram Gupta and Behlim Mohammed Iqbal Sattar have been business partners for the last 40 years, and run their shop, ‘Gupta Raksha Bandhan’, selling festivals’ decorative items in the Saraspur area of the city.

Gupta and Sattar hope to inspire others by setting an example of their friendship. Both respect each other’s religious rituals and share a unique understanding.

The two friends told that neither money nor religion has ever caused any rift between them over the years.

“We have travelled together everywhere- whether it is Ajmer’s dargah or Mahakaleshwar temple. Let there be any conditions, both of us have stood for each other. Even both of our families celebrate festivals together, whichever it may be,” Gupta told ANI. (ANI)