Gunmen kill 38 in attack on two villages in central Mali

Bamako: At least 38 people were killed and several others sustained injuries in an attack carried out by unidentified gunmen in Gangafani and Yoro villages in central Mali, authorities said on Tuesday.

The government responded to the incident by sending a military unit to the area to track down the perpetrators and investigate the incident, reported CNN.

According to media reports, the victims of the attacks on two villages belonged to ethnic Dogons group.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. However, members of the Dogan and Fulani ethnic groups in the country often clash over access to land and water.

In a similar attack recently, at least 95 people were killed by unidentified gunmen in a village inhabited by the Dogon ethnic group in central Mali.

The Dogans accuse Fulanis of having ties with local jihadist groups, while Fulanis claim that Mali’s army provides arms to Dogans to attack them.