Gulbarga City Corporation takes step towards ‘Digital India’

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: Working towards making a modern India and a ‘Digital India’, every individual is trying to do his bit. In one such effort, the city corporation in Gulbarga, Karnataka, has been using Aadhar based biometric attendance for its Poure Karamikars (workers).

The corporation has 1050 workers deputed in the sanitation-related work. The biometric is linked with the aadhar data of every worker.

Like big corporates, the workers are required to punch-in and punch-out while coming and leaving office.

Ajay Kumar, a worker with the corporation, said it has become convenient for them to work.

“The concept of biometric has made it convenient for us to work. Our attendance is recorded every time we come for work. It is good for us and the country as well,” he said.

City Corporation Commissioner Sunil Kumar said the implementation of the attendance system has increased work efficiency.

“We use the Aadhar number to fetch a record from the Aadhar server information which cross-checks the fingerprints of Poure Karamikars. It also fetches the photo of the person who gives attendance which confirms the presence of the person at work,” he said.

“We have observed in eight months that the level of sanitation has improved a lot in the city. We have received a positive response from the people,” he added.

Sanitary Officer Abhay Kumar stressed on the transparency witnessed since the implementation of biometric attendance.

“There used to be chances of discrepancies while maintaining attendance earlier. Now, there is accuracy and transparency in recording attendance,” he said.

“By this, we are moving towards digitisation. We are the only corporation in the state which has implemented biometric system which has led to increase in our work efficiency,” he added.

With this step, the city corporation has initiated a step towards the government’s plan of digitizing India.

We hope, other corporations, whether big or small take inspiration from Gulbarg City Corporation and try to implement such technology at their workplace as well. (ANI)