Gujarati girl escapes to Bengal to meet boyfriend, becomes adult by the time police reaches

Surat: Shaik Shahrukh was a tenant in Surat in the house of a girl with whom he fell in love. When the love affair was exposed, he went back to his native place in Baidla in West Bengal leaving his job of a plumber. The boy and the girl were in contact with each other. The girl boarded the train on 6th June and went to Baidla to meet her boyfriend.

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The girls’ parents lodged a complaint in the police that their daughter a minor and went to her boyfriend. The police reached in Baidla and requested the Chief Judicial Magistrate to give her in police remand. When a complaint was made that Gujarat police has not come with a lady police constable, the judge instructed the police to come with a lady police constable and also ordered to keep the girl in Balika Bhavan till that time. By the time Gujarat Police came back with a lady constable, the girl attained the age of 18 years and hence she could not be treated as a minor. She has come to this place on her own. However, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ms. Manushri Mandal told that at the time of registering the case, she was a minor and hence the remand period of four days would be implemented. After reaching her native place, the girl recorded her statement in front of the magistrate that she has now become adult and she is competent to decide her own fate.

–Siasat News