Gujarat: Road dispute triggers communal clash in Godhra, six persons injured

Godhra: Road dispute triggered communal clash in Gujarat’s Godhra. In the clash, six persons were injured.

According to the report published in Hindustan Times, this incident occurred in the Khadi Falia locality late on Friday night.

MC Sangtyani, Inspector of Godhra B-Division Police Station said that during the clash which broke out between members of two different community, stone pelting also took place. In order to control the situation, police fired three teargas shells.

As per the details of the incident, a motorcycle was parked on the road in the area. The clash started after an autorickshaw driver asked the motorcycle owner to remove the vehicle.

Persons belonging to both the communities began attacking each other. In the clash, 6 persons were injured.

Police registered the case. However, no one is arrested yet.