Gujarat riots convict Suresh Charra arrested for assaulting journalist Revati Laul Suresh Charra

Ahmedabad: The Ahmedabad Police on Thursday arrested 2002 Gujarat riots convict Suresh Chhara for allegedly assaulting journalist Revati Laul.

Earlier, Laul met ACP Manjita Vanjara regarding the alleged attack on her. She asked as to how the people can feel safe if the courts are unable to save the common people from such convicts. “My question is how the court could give him parole despite knowing the fact that he attacked his wife last time when he came out,” Laul told reporters here. “How can the country feel secure if the courts are unable to save the common people from these convicts?” she asked.

Laul said the convict Suresh Chhara slapped her when she asked him to share information about his past. “I visited him at his house and I politely asked him if he wanted to share information about himself, his past and family. Without provocation, he started slapping me,” she added.

Laul, who is writing a book on the convicts in the 2002 Naroda Patiya massacre case, said she was attacked by Suresh Chhara when she visited his house in Naroda area of Ahmedabad late Wednesday evening. “I kept meeting his family members regarding my book. Last year in July, his wife telephoned me saying Chhara raped her while he was released on parole and asked for my help, I helped her to get a lawyer and lodge a complaint,” she added.

Chhara has been convicted to 31 years in prison for his involvement in the Naroda Patiya massacre case.