Gujarat polls not about individuals, but BJP’s regressive policies: Congress

New Delhi: Countering BJP President Amit Shah’s remark that the Congress does not have a face in Gujarat, the opposition party said the “contest is not about individuals, but against the regressive policies and actions of the central and state governments”.
The Congress said that even the BJP fought elections in many states without a (Chief Ministerial) face.
“We are not fighting elections on the strategy provided by Amit Shah. We are not giving them the same. We are not asking how they fight their elections.
“The BJP too fought elections in many states, be it Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Haryana… all the major states they contested were without a face. So, what is good for the goose is definitely good for the gander too,” Congress Spokesperson R.P.N. Singh said.
“But the contest is not about individuals. It is about our ideology and the problems that Gujarat people, be it any community or section that is being harassed and tormented by the Bharatiya Janata Party,” he added.
Singh said: “Our fight is a ‘jan andolan’ against the BJP and against the regressive policies and actions of the government at the Centre as well as the state.”
BJP President Amit Shah had said the Congress does not have a leader in Gujarat, nor a clear-cut strategy. “The Congress has outsourced the Gujarat elections,” he said at an event.