Gujarat: More than 300 Una Dalits renounce Hinduism

Ahmedabad: Caste-based atrocities in Hinduism has been existing since time immemorial but now these atrocities and discrimination against lower caste people are forcing them to renounce Hinduism and convert to other peaceful religions.

More than 300 Dalit members including four persons who were lashed for skinning a dead cow in Gujarat’s Una village in 2016 have now converted to Buddhism on Sunday, Hindu reported.

The four victims and their remaining 45 family members have now converted to Buddhism with the rituals performed in their native village Mota Samadhiyala which is at 15 km away from Una.

Publicly lashing out Dalits in Una region of Gujarat has created national outrage against the administration led by the then Gujarat’s CM Anandiben Patel.

One of the Dalit’s Balu Sarvaiya who has renounced Hinduism said: “We are embracing Buddhism today. There is no point being in a religion in which you are treated as second class.”

Dalit and also a victim of public flogging, Balu said since the Dalit flogging was carried out two years back, the State government has so far done nothing to control the discrimination against them.