Gujarat: Monsoon triggered floods kill 4, 6 go missing

Ahmedabad: Heavy rain triggered floods killed four people in Gujarat while six people are missing, officials said on Sunday. There has been the power cut in badly hit areas of over 120 villages. Major rail networks and a number of highways in the State have been affected by flood waters.

“Four people died after being swept away in rain waters since Saturday morning. Six others are missing”, said Pankaj Kumar, a senior state government official, adding the National Disaster Response Force was searching for survivors, reports TH.

The defense forces rescued more than 2,000 people from the worst-hit regions and relocated them to higher ground. The Indian Meteorological Department predicts heavy rain in the State for another two days, especially in coastal areas, Manorama Mohanty of the dept. told AFP.

Monsoon rains have caused serious flooding in other states including Bihar, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh this year. Nearly half a million people in Assam have been affected, and more than two dozens killed in the downpours.