Gujarat migrants ‘exodus’: Political blame game continues

New Delhi: Political blame game between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) continued on Wednesday
on the issue of alleged exodus of migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar residing across Gujarat.

Speaking to ANI, Indian National Congress leader PL Punia said that BJP has failed to cope up with the situation and demanded an immediate inquiry into the matter.

“It is the failure of the Gujarat government and Gujarat police administration. There is no proper law and order situation in the state. There should be an investigation into the incident immediately. Culprits should be punished. If there is any evidence against Alpesh Thakor then it should be brought before the law. But, blaming someone unnecessarily doesn’t befit BJP’s stature,” he said. Thakor is Congress member of Gujarat legislative assembly.

Joining Punia’s contention, another Congress leader Sandeep Dixit too blamed the state government in its inability to contain the situation. “What is the responsibility of the state government? What is the government doing? It is a matter of awakening,” he said.

Responding to the allegations, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in turn held Congress president Rahul Gandhi responsible for inciting tempers and instigating violence.

“Gujarat is one state where people always come forward to offer their help to the people belonging to other communities. I have witnessed thing during the time of Emergency. It is clear that there is only one party in India which is the Congress who hire people to cause violence across India. An immediate investigation must be initiated soon,” he said.

BJP’s national spokesperson Zafar Islam was of the view that the “Congress and Thakor community have been exposed completely” by the incident. He said, “It is not an allegation. In the video of October 7, Alpesh Thakor and his entire Thakor community were seen provoking people with full aggression and threat. The same thing was done by
Congress in the Bhima Koregaon incident. I demand suspension of Alpesh Thakor from the party,” he said.

On Tuesday, Thakor denied his involvement in the violence saying that if found guilty he would surrender before the police. “Only one incident happened somewhere in Gujarat and I condemn it. If I have threatened anyone, I will go to jail myself. Gujarat belongs to everyone. It is as much yours as it is mine,” Thakor had told ANI.

He added, “In fact the truth is that people from Bihar have already applied for leave for Chhath Puja. This is the only reason they are moving to their state.”