Gujarat: Hindu mob protests opening of Muslim owned restaurant

Hyderabad: A Hindu extremist mob opposing the opening of a restaurant owned by a Muslim and a video of the same has been doing rounds on the internet. In the video, posted by on Twitter, the mob can be seen shouting the slogan “If you want to stay in India, you will have to say Hail Lord Ram.”(Hindustan mei rehna hoga, Jai Shri Ram kehna hoga)

In a video reportedly from Anand, Gujarat, the crowd can be heard saying “Vande Mataram. Desh ke ghaddaron ko, joote maaro saalo ko” (Long live India. Beat the traitors with shoes) as the women in the protest spill what seems to be water on the road.

Muslim owned shops and businesses have become a target of Hindu extremists recently. In a separate incident, a Muslim owned chicken shop was vandalised by a Hindu right-wing group on the outskirts of Belagavi in Karnataka, a city that has witnessed a series of hate-crimes in the past few weeks.