Gujarat election: Video spreading hate against Muslims goes viral

AHMEDABAD: Ahead of Gujarat Assembly election, a new video spreading hate against Muslims has gone viral on social media.
The 1.15-minute long video clip of the advertisement in Gujarati language, which nobody owned, propagates women are safe under BJP government.
According to a report in the Ahmedabad Mirror, the video starts with text: “Gujarat maa saanjh 7 pachi aavu thai shake chhe (Such a thing can happen in Gujarat after 7 pm).” Next you see a fearful young woman walking on a lonely deserted street as the sound like of holy azaan (call to prayers in a mosque) plays in the background. When she finally reached home, her anxiously waiting parents jump in relief and embraces her.

Photo Credit: Ahmedabad Mirror

The girl’s mother then looks at the camera and says: “Ek minute, kem navai lagi ne ke aa Gujarat ni vaat chhe?” (One minute, why are you surprised to see that this is happening in Gujarat?).
The father adds: “Bavis varsh pehla pan avu j thatu hatu. Ane avu thai shake chhe. Jo e loko avshe to.” (Twenty two years ago, this used to happen. And it can happen if those people come).
The girl then says, “Pan don’t worry. Koi nai ave. Kemke ahi Modi chhe.” (But don’t worry. Nobody will come. Because Modi is here).
The video clip ends with Gujarati line in saffron colour: ‘Apno Vote, Apni Suraksha’ (Our Vote, Our Security) (your vote, your security).’
Human rights activists on Friday have taken objection to the advertisement for being “divisive and communal” and approached the Election Commission to stop the circulation of the video.
“The video shows people of the majority community being terrified of Muslims. The video has been created to spread hatred against Muslims and polarise the society,” HRLN activist and lawyer Govind Parmar said in his complaint.
“The video should be removed from the all social media platforms and action should be taken against all characters depicted in the video and its makers”, he added.