Gujarat CM calls for 80% private sector jobs for local youth

Ahmadabad (Gujarat): Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has opined that over 80 per cent of jobs in the private sector of the state should be for the local youth.

Addressing the gathering at an event on Thursday, Rupani asserted that the state government is making all efforts to provide job opportunities to local youth and arrangements are being made for making technical and soft skills available to them.

“This is the land where trade and tradition, commerce and culture, Entrepreneurship development and grit are blended together. We are making most efforts for providing job opportunities to youth. We want more than 80 per cent jobs in the private sector for local youth and good local workforce for industries. We are making arrangements for technical and soft skills to be made available to local youth.”

Furthermore, Rupani shared statistics related to development in Gujarat and emphasised on the state’s contribution to the overall growth of the country.

“Gujarat constitutes 5 per cent of the national population and we form 6 per cent of land area, however, our contribution to India’s GDP is 7.6 per cent. Gujarat contributes 22 per cent of total export of country; in capaitalisation of stock market Gujarat has 30 per cent stake and in total production of the country, the state has 19 per cent contribution. In terms of foreign investment coming to India, Gujarat’s share is 8 per cent,
said the Chief Minister.

Rupani further gave details of the foreign investment received by the state. “From April 2000 to June 2018, Gujarat has received 20 billion dollars of foreign investment. Gujarat boasts of excellent urban infrastructure, business-friendly environment and zero unrest, which makes it an ideal state for migration today,” he said.

Rupani also termed Gujarat as one of the leading investment destinations in the world and said, “In ease of doing business and banking sector, Gujarat has always been on top. In the chemical and petrochemical sector, the state is a national leader. Gujarat is a national automotive hub and global pharmacy hub. In 38 indicators of development, Gujarat is one of the top 3 states in the country. Gujarat is today one of the top 10 investment destinations in the world.”

On October 9, Gujarat Energy Minister Saurabhbhai Patel had invited private players of the energy sector to invest in renewable energy in the state. He had also said that the aim of his government is to provide energy at a cheaper rate to farmers and citizens while appealing to private entities to invest in this sector.