Gujarat: 3-year-old boy sleeping in tent killed by leopard

AHMEDABAD: A three-year-old boy who was sleeping inside a tent was killed by a leopard in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district today, a forest official said on Monday.

According to the official, a leopard sneaked in and took him away on Sunday. The child belonged to a family of shepherds (A shepherd is a person who tends, herds, feeds, or guards herds of sheep).

The official stated that “On Sunday night, the leopard entered the tent set up in an open field where the child and his family members were staying. Their sheep and goat panicked at the sight of the leopard and started bleating (crying of a sheep, goat).”

He further added that when the child’s parents and others went to see what had happened, the leopard caught hold of the sleeping boy and ran into the forest. Later, the child’s body, half-eaten, was found in bushes near the village on Monday morning.

The body was sent for post mortem after forest and police officials rushed to the spot.