In the guise of Muslim parties, Saffron party plans to divide Muslim votes

Hyderabad: In democratic system, it is the people who are the most important players but in Indian democracy, the conspiracies of political parties are being hatched to divide people to belittle their importance which is not a good trend for democratic system. The General Elections of 2014 have arrayed in a new fashion which is encouraging the elements who favour to divide India on religious basis. By capturing 282 seats in General Elections of 2014, BJP started evil designs of vote bank politics to divide secular votes. After the General Elections of 2014, many conspiracies were hatched but everyone is not aware of these tactics. Political analysts who observe closely the political scenario say that BJP is exploiting Muslim politicians behind the curtain to divide Muslim votes and it is engaged in promoting “Corporate Bhakt Bharat” in the guise of “Congress Mukt Bharat”.

With the division of people of this country which party would be benefited and which politicians would become billionaires, is a question to be considered seriously. The democratic system of this country is engaged in protecting the interest of the corporate sector and it is engaged in entangling the people in religious hatred and other trivial issues. The experiment of deviating the people from the genuine issues failed in Delhi. The reason for this is that the voters of Delhi are conscious about the value of their votes and also the non-existence of any political party demanding votes on religious basis. BJP and Congress met with shameful defeat in Delhi due to no scope for the exploitation of religious sentiments.

In the General Elections of 2014, BJP assumed power but after these elections, the peace loving and secular citizens of this country got greater advantage of knowing the people who are their well wishers. The real face of BJP was exposed and it was known that all its activities are directly benefiting corporate sector.

The stories of giving admissions in colleges in Bihar by propagating while travelling in Helicopters during Bihar elections in the company of AA Fatimi are not very old. The decision of floating of its own candidates against RJD coalition confirmed the suspicions of the people. Political parties made an attempt to repeat Maharashtra victory in Bihar so that anti-Hindu, anti-Muslim national fronts could be formed which they met with defeat. In Maharashtra, the Muslims political party contested against 20 Assembly seats but it could get only 2 seats. The result of this contest was that Congress and NCP got defeated in most of the constituencies. The scenario in Assam was not very different. The “Bhai party” of Assam performed the function of Bhai’s Muslim Party of the south. It was therefore, no need for the “Bhai” of the south to participate in the Assembly elections of Assam since the “Bhai” of Assam had already divided the Muslim and secular votes. The stubbornness of Congress was also responsible for its defeat in Assam. In addition to this the “Bhai” of Assam was apprehensive of his foreign business and the fear of Enforcement Directorate which forced him to pave way for the success of BJP. In a few places, the threat to freeze the bank accounts and to file cases of building illegal assets did also work.

–Siasat News