GST officials seize Rs 42 lakh from Actor Mahesh Babu’s Bank account

Hyderabad: Tollywood Actor Mahesh Babu had a bitter experience at the hands of GST officials. The officials seized Rs 42 lakh from the actor’s bank account for evading Service Tax for the 2007-08 financial year.

The GST officials said the actor still owed the department of Rs 31 lakh towards the Service Tax. They said the actor owed them a total sum of Rs 73 lakh. They also revealed that they seized the bank accounts of the actor to recover the dues. They revealed that they seized Rs 31 Lakh from the Axis bank account of the actor and the remaining amount from the ICICI bank account of the actor.

The GST officials have issued notices to the actor in 2010 and an order was passed against the actor in 2012 to pay the dues. The actor preferred an appeal against the order in the Central Excise and Service Tax Tribunal. However, the Tribunal upheld the order passed by the department officials.