GST fills Govt. Treasury, empties people’s pockets

GST fills Govt. Treasury, empties people’s pockets

Hyderabad: With the slogan “One Country One Tax” which PM Modi implemented, the people are facing difficulties. The household expenditure has enormously increased. The entire salary is getting exhausted in 20 days. It was revealed in a survey in which 54% of persons made such complaints.

PM Modi who declares demonetization, a bold decision has deceived the people of the country by showing them a beautiful dream. Govt. treasury is increasing but the purse of the people is getting emptied.

It may be mentioned that PM had told that GST will be a simple tax and had promised that prices would come down. On the contrary, prices of many essential commodities have gone up. A survey conducted on 9000 persons revealed that 54% of the people expressed their dissatisfaction on the increase of 30% expenses on household purchases. 50% of them complained that their medical bills have increased by 30%. Many persons grumbled that businessmen are forcing them to make cash payments. They have stopped giving discounts to consumers.

On the other hand, Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley seems to be very happy. He claimed that GST collection in July went up to Rs. 95000 crore and said that GST has been successful. He has also claimed that 70% more people would be covered under GST. However, the claim of input credit refund of Rs. 62000 crore is not being digested by GST Council. If a review is made, GST collection would work out to Rs. 33000 crore. The remarks made by Finance Secretary that input tax credit claim would be more than the expectations of the Govt. depicts that the situation is not alright.

–Siasat News