GST Council to meet on July 21

New Delhi: The 28th meeting of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council will be held on July 21 here, the Ministry of Finance notified.

A preparatory meeting has also been scheduled for officers on July 20, a day ahead of the Council meeting in the national capital.

The agenda for the meeting has not been made official yet. However, the inclusion of petrol and diesel under the GST has been highlighted time and again by citizens, especially due to the recent fuel price hike.

In the 27th meeting, a change in the ownership structure of the GSTN was proposed, wherein the shareholding of 51 percent in the GSTN be purchased by the government and divided equally between the states and Centre.

Additionally, the Council agreed upon forming a committee of five ministers of state (MoS) in a bid to consider incentives on digital payments in the country. (ANI)