Group of Pak clerics issues fatwa against honour killing

Lahore: least 40 clerics of Barelvi school of thought in Pakistan have issued a fatwa (religious decree) against honour killing, declaring it un-Islamic and unpardonable sin.

The clerics under the banner of Sunni Itehad Council (SIC) told a news conference here yesterday that honour killing is kufr (infidelity). “Burning women alive for marrying of their own choice is against Islamic injunctions,” the fatwa said.

It condemned recent honour killings in Lahore, Abbottabad and Murree, saying such incidents have shaken the whole society as we are moving towards social and societal degradation.

It said killing in the name of family honour is based on ignorance and waywardness. The fatwa urged the government to implement proper legislation to curb such crimes, and declare heinous acts such as burning or killing of woman as an unpardonable crime as it is an Islamic governments responsibility to protect women rights.
At least 1,100 women were killed in the name of honour in Pakistan last year. PTI