Group of Muslims fund for Hindu girl’s wedding in Bengal

Malda District: Setting up the example of a kind gesture and spreading communal harmony, a group of Muslims funded for a Hindu girl’s marriage in Bengal’s village on Thursday.

The Khanpur village of Malda district homes 600 Muslim families and only eight Hindu households.

A local Madrasa headmaster, Motiur Rahman led the wedding of late daily wager’s daughter, Saraswati Chowdhury. Her father, Trjilal Chowdhury, had died three years ago leaving his wife, Sovarani, with five daughters and a son.

Sovarani managed to arrange Rs 2,000 as dowry demanded by the groom’s family but could not arrange the remaining amount to conduct the wedding.

“On coming to know of Sovarani’s problem, I had discussions with my neighbours Abdul Bari, Imadul Rahaman, Jalaluddin, and Sahidul Islam, among others. We all agreed that since Saraswati is our daughter only despite being of a different religion, it is our duty to arrange a proper wedding,” the Madrasa headmaster told HT.

Motiur along with others approached Sovarani and assured her of the remaining amount for wedding.

On reception day, Motiur also stood at the entrance of Sovarani’s house to welcome groom’s family. “Had Trjilal been alive, he would have done that. In his absence, I did it since Saraswati is nothing less than my own daughter,” Motiur said.