Group of madrassas welcomes HC decision on hoisting tricolour

A prominent organisation of madrassas in Uttar Pradesh today welcomed the Allahabad High Court’s decision directing state authorities to ensure that all madrassas hoist national flag on Independence Day and Republic Day.

The Madaris-e-Arabia Uttar Pradesh, in a meeting held at the Jama Masjid in Aligarh today welcomed the HC directive, a statement issued by the organisation’s general secretary Mohd Ibrahim Qasmi said.

However, the statement further said it was ironical that a petition had been filed in this connection which indirectly questioned the loyalty of all madrassas to the country.

He said the history bears testimony to the fact that madrassas belonging both to the Deoband and Bareilvi schools of thought have been the vanguard in the freedom movement of the country.

The Ulemas heading these madrassas had spent a major part of their lives behind bars not only in India but in the jails of Andaman and Nicobar, Malta and Europe, Qasmi said adding that it was unfortunate that today the loyalty of these institutions were being questioned “purely to settle political points and strengthen divisive forces in the country.”

Qasmi said that every year each madrassa in the country celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day with the same fervor as other schools do.

He said that madrassas were second to none in spreading secularism and national unity.

“The need of the hour was to be cautious against those forces which are trying to spread ill will among different religions by spreading religious intolerance and raising divisive issues,” he added.

Hearing a Public Interest Litigation, the Allahabad High Court yesterday directed UP government to ensure that the national flag is hoisted at madrassas across the state on Independence Day and Republic Day.